Piotr Brzózka

This will be a perfect place for new investors in the Zone

The new hall will be erected just 6 kilometres from the centre of the city and 10 kilometres from the Nowosolna interchange on the A1 motorway The new hall will be erected just 6 kilometres from the centre of the city and 10 kilometres from the Nowosolna interchange on the A1 motorway
Piotr Brzózka

Lodz Special Economic Zone becomes... a developer. The company will erect a production and warehousing hall at Telefoniczna street. The space will be leased to investors.

The production and storage park is intended to be a modern business complex which will offer flexible space for light production, warehouses and offices. The building has been designed in a modular manner, so it can be freely adjusted to meet the requirements of tenants from different sectors: manufacturing, services and warehousing. Importantly, the building will have the status of a special economic zone, which will allow tenants to receive state aid adequate to the investment outlays made.

This is the largest investment project of the Lodz Special Economic Zone. The surface area of the land for the investment totals more than 3 hectares. The hall will eventually offer 12,000 square metres of production, logistics, warehousing and office space. Modules with sizes starting from 1,154 square metres will be available. The height of the complex will total 12 metres with the floor load-bearing capacity of 5 tonnes. The infrastructure of the park will include wide internal roads, extensive manoeuvring yards and car parks (135 parking places, including 14 for heavy goods vehicles).

The Zone will profit

Lodz Special Economic Zone has praised the location of the complex. It will be erected on a plot of land situated between Stokowska and Telefoniczna streets, in the northeast part of Lodz, near the M1 shopping centre, with entry from Brzezińska street. This is just 6 kilometres from the city centre and about 10 kilometres from the Nowosolna interchange on the A1 motorway, allowing you to reach Gdańsk in the north and Silesia and the Czech Republic in the south. The complex will also be just 14 kilometres away from the Stryków interchange where the A1 motorway crosses with the A2 motorway, enabling fast access to Warsaw, Poznan, Berlin and other cities in Western Europe.

„The construction of the hall is a very good idea. This hall should have been erected many years ago”, claims Tomasz Błeszyński, a real estate expert from Lodz. „So far, the Zone has only specialised in administrative proceedings, issuing permits, including new areas and giving consent to their development by other entities. This is why the potential value has gradually been decreasing. Why, as a large operator, can Lodz Special Economic Zone not become the second Panattoni (a well-known developer of storage space - editorial note)? The Zone may be a substitute investor but does not have to be Panattoni or any other company of this kind. Having built its own hall, Lodz Special Economic Zone will create new space that can be shaped and adjusted to the needs of specific clients. Secondly, the company will gain revenue based on lease agreements. Thirdly, Lodz Special Economic Zone provides the opportunity to attract future investments. Additionally, perhaps rent in the complex will differ from market rates; in this way, it can be used to fight any competition, which may have some positive consequences for the warehousing market in Lodz”, adds Błeszyński.

The investment is planned to start in July 2017 and is expected to end in the first quarter of 2018.

Piotr Brzózka

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