Piotr Pigłowski

Cooperation with China as an opportunity for Lodz and the region

The rail connection between Lodz and China was opened in May 2013. Each train carries at least 41 containers. The rail connection between Lodz and China was opened in May 2013. Each train carries at least 41 containers.
Piotr Pigłowski

Lodz Special Economic Zone carries out numerous activities aimed at developing economic ties with China.

The regular cargo rail connection between Chengdu in China and Lodz, opened in 2013, has led to a situation where the Lodz region is now the most dynamic region in Poland in terms of cooperation with the People’s Republic of China. Recognising the interest of investors and entrepreneurs from the Lodz region in the Asian market, the Management Board of Lodz Special Economic Zone decided to engage in the building of a positive relationship between the two countries. Lodz Special Economic Zone, in collaboration with the City of Lodz Office, the Marshal Office of Lodz and its regional office in Chengdu, China, supports any actions regarding the development of the Lodz-Chengdu rail connection and the establishment of a special distribution and logistics centre in Lodz.

Meetings for the benefit of Chinese and Polish companies

With the intention of supporting entrepreneurs in the launch of Polish products on the Chinese market, Lodz Special Economic Zone has initiated a cycle of meetings with business people. During such meetings, discussing procedural issues associated with the entry of Polish producers on the Asian market, as well as matters linked with conducting business activities in China and how they differ in terms of culture from Poland are also addressed.

Lodz Special Economic Zone was a strategic partner of the third Poland-China Regional Forum held in Lodz in June 2015. This was the largest event of its kind in this part of Europe and was also a fantastic opportunity to present the benefits of a good relationship between Poland and China, exchange respective experiences and discuss shared plans for the future. The Regional Chengdu City Office in Lodz was established and started operations during the forum. In the same month, Lodz Special Economic Zone, together with its partners, organised many B2B meetings with Chinese companies interested in importing products from Poland. The largest event took place in June at the headquarters of Lodz Special Economic Zone, when Lodz was visited by a delegation of 60 companies from the People’s Republic of China. The meeting was organised in cooperation with EUPIC Chengdu International Technology Transfer Centre, which is a member of the Enterprise Europe Network.

In September 2015, Lodz Special Economic Zone received a delegation from the City of Ningbo in the Zhejiang Province. The delegation was comprised of representatives from local authorities from the province and the city itself, as well as entrepreneurs and business people. Meetings between representatives of about 40 Chinese companies with interested parties from Poland were held during the visit. The Management Board of Lodz Special Economic Zone also planned to engage in actions aimed at establishing the Centre for Asia Studies by the Department of East Asia Studies of the University of Lodz. The main objective of the Centre will be to build a competence base for the activities of institutions as well as local, central and European authorities. This will serve to establish and expand the relationships with Asian countries and local authorities.

About cooperation with China during the European Economic Forum.

During the ninth European Economic Forum in 2016, a panel entitled „ŁSSE (s)PARK-the best in Europe’s industrial, technological and logistics hub for Chinese investments - fact or still a concept?” was held.

„Poland is China’s most important partner in this region of Europe”, said Xu Jian, the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Poland. „Polish apples successfully enter our market. The cooperation will mature and bear much more fruit. A transparent policy of the Lodz region will ensure that”.

Robert Grey, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, said that he was impressed with the efforts made by Lodz with regard to the cooperation with China, while Marek Michalik, CEO of Lodz Special Economic Zone, assured that China remains one of the main focusses of interest for Lodz Special Economic Zone.

„The Super Hub comprises of the European gate to China and the Chinese gate for Europe”, he said. „ Lodz Special Economic Zone offers perfectly communicated investment areas which enable cargo operations through the Lodz-Chengdu/Xiamen railway station or the international airport in Lodz with the required infrastructure. The logistics and warehousing centre (the so-called Super Hub) in Lodz Special Economic Zone - on the New Silk Road - is a major positive step for the cooperation between entrepreneurs from Poland and China. With reference to the rail connections operated to and from Lodz by New Silk Railway Xiamen Ltd. (NSR) and Chengdu International Railway Service Co. Ltd., the Lodz region constitutes a perfect base for any companies planning to export manufactured goods to the Middle Kingdom. This is also the place from which Chinese goods are distributed all over Europe. Furthermore, as a result of this particular rail connection, Lodz is fast becoming a recognisable city in China. This project serves as continuation of cooperation between Polish and Chinese companies and the train connection between Lodz and Chengdu.

Piotr Pigłowski

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